Product Fitness 80

industrial design

Japanese brand Muji has always been a clear expression of minimalistic principles, always infusing their designs with tranquillity and pause for thought.

On the one year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Muji presents the Product Fitness 80 exhibition at the Design Museum, proposing a reconsideration of the way in which design impacts on the way we use energy and addressing the following questions:

What would happen if we used 20% less materials and energy in the actual process of making products? And in terms of the final object, what is then the role of the user in customising, re-using and recycling products in order to reduce energy consumption?

Following the Japanese concept of monozukuri, which means the state of mind of crafting with a minimalist focus while designating a commitment to society and to the planet, Muji's products have always reflected the search for comfort and purpose. Product Fitness 80 is another step in that direction, representing the firm's will to raise awareness by reviewing their own conduct and setting an important example.

Photography by Joe Humphrys.

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