Colo Armchair

Maurício Coelho

The Colo Armchair, designed by Brazilian 3D artist and product designer Maurício Coelho, is inspired by the desire for a piece of furniture that reminds us of the comfort of a mother’s embrace. In search of a structure that reminds us of the act of being carried in the arms, in suspension, aligned with the goal of presenting an uncomplicated and harmonic design to the eyes. The entire body of the armchair is unique and continuous, which makes its conception and manufacturing highly challenging, but not impossible.

It is clear that Colo is an expression of simplicity and softness. It exudes a certain warmth through its shape and materials, inviting the user to be comforted. Besides this, the armchair also offers a practical storage solution through a shelf-life feature under the seat, which could be used for books, magazines, tablets, and so on.

The seams of the seat, backrest, and arms delimit and mark the armchair in a subtle, but not imperceptible way, contributing to the harmonious yet striking appearance of this piece.

As a purpose in my creation process, I always seek to use geometric shapes and seemingly obvious structures to demonstrate and touch everyone who may have the opportunity to contemplate what I create. With this piece it was no different.

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