Copenhagen Penthouse II


Copenhagen Penthouse II by Norm Architects sits overlooking the Danish capital’s skyline quite unassumingly. The apartment has been re-furbished using a combination of expressed hovering elements, concealed shadow lines and an openly simplified palette. The purposed absence of fittings aids in the clarity and sleekness of the space.

Norm Architects share the philosophy that our home and the things we surround ourselves with, should provide a refuge from the daily chaos. And that by understanding minimalism as an aesthetic, and simplicity as a philosophy of life Norm Architects aims at providing structures which gives a feeling of freedom. I couldn’t agree more.

The expressed junctions and intersections of materiality are crisp, and for that, the architectural detailing is to be applauded. The addition of illuminated elements aids in reinforcing the solid forms also. This is delivery and execution done with respect.

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