Drop Wireless Charger

industrial design

Drop Wireless Charger, designed by Native Union, certainly makes a huge step in the technology world. Its easy to use technological features goes so well with the minimalism design philosophy.

The charger is created to become a stylish addition to one's home or work space. Its delicate form which is covered with a silicone thread elevates the phone to control the temperature, ensuring optimum charging time. The aircraft aluminium perfectly fits the aesthetics that modern technology needs.

The practicality is also an important factor when analysing this product. It's incredibly unobtrusive, sits perfectly on the table without requiring too much space and can easily be carried anywhere. It effectively grips the device, keeping it in place while charging and prevents overheating for optimum charging speed—up to 10W. Drop charger for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and all other Qi compatible devices.

The charger itself comes with a 6.5-foot USB-A and USB-C charging cable which is covered with a leather strap. Additionally, it is possible to charge the phone without removing the case which makes life a little easier.

I adore the minimalist design, which is created using really well considered materials with a beautiful finish, and the functionality meets the modern world in a pure and simple way.

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