Cottage in Vineyard


A modern dwelling sits amidst a path of olive trees in the municipality of Fontanars dels Alforins in Valencia, Spain. Architect Ramón Esteve, a Minimalissimo favourite, was commissioned to bring to life a unique project, a countryside retreat with a strong contemporary distinctiveness. A playful geometric experimentalism brings forth a surprising solution for environmental integration and a refreshing spin on minimalism influences.

The first visual cue is the archetypal geometric design of a house, as simple as can be. The Cottage in Vineyard, measuring 414m2, relays two materials as protagonists: white concrete and thermally modified pinewood. The central monolithic structure is a clever mix of the two aforementioned materials, each one relaying its function as outer shell and as key interior element. An extensive horizontal line is drawn as the main building, the central hub where side containers spring up with different sizes and functions. From the social main room to small quaint bedrooms, the benefit of a bespoke solution is spread alongside with elegance and simplicity in design.

The interior design benefits greatly from the wood on all sides—a true wooden box, conveying pureness just as the quintessential white box does. The minimalist tone is a perfect pair for the outright openness to the beautiful landscape, as if the interior takes a backseat to the bucolic scenery. A truly elegant example of perfect balance between contemporary minimalism with insightful solutions to bring what’s best of the surrounding atmosphere.

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