Cube Heater

industrial design

found/Founded is a South Korean creative design studio who blend different areas of design to create usable, intuitive, and aesthetic products. One of their latest offerings is the compact, portable, modern, and wonderfully simple Cube heater for Chefia, a manufacturer of personal smart home appliances.

Although Cube is a simple heating device, it also serves as a beautiful yet appropriately unobtrusive object for the home. Its clean lines, basic functionality, and extremely minimal design would compliment any contemporary interior. It doesn’t have a separate power button, as users can adjust the power and heater intensity with the single analogue dial that sits atop the device.

Cube has been made in a range of matte colours, including: charcoal, white, blue, and green.

Portable heaters do have their downsides, but they are undoubtedly still practical objects. If they also happen to be well-designed, that’s a product we can get behind.

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