Desk Lamp 202102

August Hugo
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As we're fully aware, less is often more, and that's precisely the ethos behind Copenhagen-based designer August Hugo's creation; the Desk Lamp 202102. August Hugo, who founded his design studio in 2020, has a penchant for crafting single and serial produced pieces of art and furniture. His 202102 lamp embodies a simplicity that speaks volumes.

Standing at a modest 45cm in height, this lamp is a study in minimalism. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, it exudes an air of sleek elegance. The steel's cold, industrial demeanour is tamed by a meticulous three-layered sanding process, which imparts an unexpectedly warm and inviting quality to the lamp.

Each lamp is handcrafted and assembled in Denmark, emphasising the artistry and craftsmanship that go into its work. The clean lines and unadorned design make it a versatile addition to any space, be it a home office, a cozy reading nook, or a modern living room.

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