Triangolo Chair

Per Holland Bastrup
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Created by Danish furniture designer Per Holland Bastrup in 1989, the Triangolo Chair, produced by FRAMA, embodies a breathtakingly progressive, sculptural design.

Defined by sleek lines and simple geometric shapes, the striking chair offers a unique seating experience (albeit probably not the most comfortable), whether used as a desk chair or a unique display piece. Crafted from solid steel, creating a minimalist, industrial aesthetic, the chair is both durable and functional. Light in shape and composition, Triangolo Chair is a true statement piece that instantly captures the eye—an expressive and contemporary combination of balance and simple elementary forms.

Per Holland Bastrup's is renowned for his artistic and minimalist approach towards furniture design, particularly chairs. His work in the late 80s and early 90s have proved to be timeless and continue to resonate with design enthusiasts today.

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