Dimma Chair


Minimalistic and pure. This is how Dimma Chair could be described which was inspired by the iconic Thonet bistro chairs which are widely regarded as a design classic. As the Stockholm-based designer, Alexander Lervik explains, his idea was to design a contemporary variant of the café/bistro bentwood and perforated seat chair. The object truly attracts attention by its simplicity and the chosen colour palette which brings that extra charm to the design.

What fascinated me once while I was researching this piece of design is the way it has been made. Only one factory in Sweden is able to mould the state-of-the-art seat and that is truly unique. The chair is made from powder-coated steel which gives the opportunity for the object to be longer lasting and be easily transported. The curved form of the stool represents how something as hard as the cold steel can be transformed into something so simple and pure.

The seat and backrest where the seating surface appears to float above the frame make the finished design look so unique. The chair can be used in various decor decisions and become a true symbol of the room which also represents the Nordic look of the minimalism that shows how simple details can create a whole new and modern concept.

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