Casa Encallada


On the rocky beachside of La Boca Beach Tunquén in Chile sits the handsome Casa Encallada. The home, which was designed by WHALE! Architecture, also based in Chile, is defined by its relationship to the landscape. The layout is comprised of two intersecting volumes which are derived from the topography of the site. The home is constructed entirely in pine wood, a material that is aesthetically light yet structurally sturdy. The interior is free from additional materials or decor. The idea is to let the landscape wash in through the oversized windows and openings. The more simple the adornment, the more one can focus on the marvels of the exterior panorama.

The floor plan — three bedrooms, two baths, and an open living space — covers all the essentials of a beach house, but nothing more. Outdoor living space is a must in a habitat as scenic as Chile; Casa Encallada provides two spacious terraces for its residents. There is something so calming about this home; perhaps it is due to its profound connection with nature. The house feels as if it sprung from the beach itself: as organic as the sand and as free-flowing as the sea.

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