Dinnerware Collection

industrial design

Finell’s latest Dinnerware Collection is a beautiful fusion of organic lines and a soft ethereal quality. Known for their lifestyle products and strong brand of uniquely modern, covetable goods, this collection sees a return to basic principles, with a clearly innovative approach to precision and intentional formality. Each piece is part of a larger collection made from a specialised porcelain and bone formula, which imbue a luminous lifeness.

The collection is a series of dinner, salad, dessert plates, a series of bowls and drinking implements. There is a specifically designed smart rim, which acts as a guiding agent for the contents of the crockery also. Its execution and design seems to be seamlessly integrated into each piece. Finell has captured a sense of beauty in the otherwise normally banal. Which is pretty uniquely special in itself.

Photography courtesy of Ivan Alonso.

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