Djibouti SOS Village


While minimalist designs can be applied to luxurious commodities, responsible designs are what draw my attention.

Located in Tadjoura, Djibouti, SOS Children’s Village, designed by Urko Sánchez Architects, is a housing complex completed in 2014. Overlooking the whole entity of these houses, their formation and typology might remind one of Santorini, Greece, but in an earthier tone of colour and a more angular geometry. With the purpose of creating a safe environment for children, having public and private space clearly defined, and publishing a network of communal green space, the designers hope to strengthen the inhabitants’ collective value.

Although the minimal result might seem effortless, its detailed attention to placements and arrangements had a complex relationship with sun shading and natural ventilation. These scientific studies had also produced a series of alleyways to further create interstitial spaces for different activities.

Behind this amazing project is a team of people with diverse backgrounds and professions, whose passions for humanitarian aid helped heighten the dwellers’ quality of life. I completely love how projects like SOS Children’s Village have opened a new view to minimalism as a whole.

Photos courtesy of Javier Callejas.

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