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In Greek mythology, Pan is the name of a god who has the hindquarter, legs, and horns of a goat and the torso of a human. He is a hybrid, a fantastic creature with immense potential that triggers amazement and wonder in the ones who look at him. It is certainly not a coincidence that one of Miranda Kaloudis' bags is named after the Greek god.

The Zurich-based design label MDK - Miranda Kaloudis creates bags of various shapes and functions. Miranda reflects a bag's composition by deconstructing it and then putting its components back together in a new way. The result is a versatile product with a clean and minimalist look that is at the same time straight-forward and mysterious, practical and playful. With its emphasis on usability these hybrids are the ideal companion for any urban nomad.

The AW17/18 collection consists of three bag models: Pan, Kionas, and Tesris. Tesris can be worn as a backpack and a shoulder bag. Pan can change its silhouette in six different ways, while Kionas in up to eight different ways, among them a large and a small backpack, a shopper, and a shoulder bag. Additionally, Kionas allows its user to choose between a regular or a slim shaped silhouette by folding in the sides.

All Miranda Kaloudis' bags are handmade from a hydrophobic flat matte nubuck leather. They are coated with dry-wax water repellent cotton canvas and finished off with anodised metal hardware, adjustable vegetable tanned leather straps, and a laptop case to the interior and multiple pockets.

Miranda Kaloudis explores the potential of the hybrid and thus what a bag can be by combining a unique multi-functional construction with an immaculate look.

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