Drawn in Steel


This collection of minimal furniture and lighting by Swiss design and manufacturing company mïxcv was recently shown during Paris Design Week. Each sculptural piece is an attempt to explore the relationship between the object, its role, the space it occupies and those who use it. Designers Volciane Cassanovas, Stéphane Dentand and Thomas Labarthe created a collection so raw and unembellished, it walks the line between minimalism and expressionism.

With unadorned design and no unnecessary frills, mïxcv's simple and precise production is the fruit of the shared desire of a designer and a metal construction company to create contemporary production. To generate matter in a precise space so that it maintains the intended role there, to develop an emotional and functional structure, the existence of which aims to touch, question and involve space and those who move within it.

Constructed from mostly tubular structures, the pieces resemble lines, linked between points, as if drawn in space with a marker. The materials include steel, aluminium, LEDs and fabric.

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