Dual Cut


Hong Kong born and Canada based designer Kitmen Keung has collaborated with Belgian furniture label Sixinch on their début project, Dual Cut - a modular furniture piece that employs the simplest production processes true to its materials with minimal wastage.

The design features two ergonomically comfortable L-shaped foam blocks and a multi-formation ability to compose a one seater with a side table, a chaise lounge or a corner table. Dual Cut is available in Light Grey and Dark Grey and with a three-layer-system coating, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The designer explains:

Dual Cut was designed with a dedication to Sixinch's urethane cut technology, which is processed by data without the need of molding. It was an experiment to minimise the production process and material wastage, and more importantly to maximise its function values and flexibility in real life.

Not only does this look good, but it's an effective and practical way of occupying restricted spaces in the home.

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