London, UK
Studio Hazeldean

Studio Hazeldean is a London-based micro-studio led by duo Dan and Matt. We previously featured their private residence, Project K. The studio's latest interior design is a strikingly minimal gallery-like space, in a listed building, referencing the tanneries of Dickensian London. Designed in 1864 by pioneering architect Henry Roberts and now Grade 2 listed, the lodge gives a rare insight into architecture now scarce in east London. Part derelict by the 1970s and threatened with demolition, the building was saved, but most original features were removed and modernised. This gave Studio Hazeldean the freedom during the redesign process to strip out any additions, and reveal the underlying listed structure. Dan explains:

We challenged ourselves to create a strikingly minimal interior within the listed building. A gallery-like space where the pieces of furniture are the exhibits.

The resulting design is deceptively simple. A restrained palette, pared back, with no ornamentation. Using as few textures as possible.

A resin floor flows seamlessly through the entire apartment, which continues to form the wet room walls. This natural material appears like leather, with low sheen and subtle colour variation. Joining the walls without the need for skirting, it connects and enlarges the space and removes visual distraction.

Secondary glazing and frosting were added to the sash window for privacy. This eliminated the need for window dressing and accentuated the minimal aesthetic. Materials are limited to wood, leather, resin, wool, and plaster; to amplify the beauty of each.

Referencing tanneries, we chose a modern hand finished Japanese armchair. The sculpted leather seat is bound to a smoked oak frame. We chose artwork to reflect the chair's graphic structure. A bold piece reminiscent of Japanese wood block printing and calligraphy.

This nod to Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics runs right through the micro-home. From the blackened wood bench to the solid walnut bed and matching side tables. Every design detail is carefully considered with sustainability at its core.

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