Our everyday look has to be functional and fashionable. The bag is one of the most practical and versatile fashion accessories that complete our outfit and also allows us to carry the necessities we use daily.

LAMPI is a set of three men’s bags designed for the leather goods brand Groom Paris by the Milan and Paris-based Episode Studio, which was created 2018 by French design duo Nathan Baraness and Marina Daguet.

The collection consists of a backpack, a city bag, and a weekend travel bag. The three pieces were thought around the collar stud, a piece of hardware used in traditional leather goods manufacturing to adjust bag straps. When it comes to the materials, the whole collection is made of black vegetal-tanned leather.

The LAMPI collection was originally presented in early 2018 at the Première Classe salon in Paris and was only released a few months ago.

In an incredibly saturated market, it’s increasingly difficult to make bags distinctive enough—particularly when done taking a minimalist approach to the design. So this is why details are so vital, and what we can see from the LAMPI collection are subtle yet really well-considered elements that result in a perfectly practical and highly elegant piece of fashion design.

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