Ecoalf Wellness

Lavernia & Cienfuegos

The Ecoalf Wellness project, conceived by the Spanish sustainable fashion brand Ecoalf in collaboration with Lavernia & Cienfuegos, represents a significant stride in environmentally conscious product design. Known for its innovative use of materials recycled from ocean plastics, Ecoalf expanded its ethos into the personal care sector in 2022. This new line, developed in partnership with RNB, a cosmetic group with a pharmaceutical background, underscores Ecoalf's commitment to sustainability. It's also the Platinum Pentawards 2023 winner for the best sustainable design.

The products in the Ecoalf Wellness line boast multifunctional, eco-friendly ingredients and processes. They include solid and powder forms, eliminating the need for water, which in turn reduces weight and CO2 emissions during transportation. This approach allowed the elimination of plastic bottles, favouring lighter, more sustainable packaging options. All products are housed in specially designed, reusable aluminium containers. The packaging materials, encompassing recycled cardboard, compostable pouches, and cellulose paste, further reinforce the brand's environmental stance.

Additionally, the minimalist graphic design of the packaging serves a crucial role, educating consumers about the functionality and environmental benefits of the products, thus facilitating environmentally conscious decisions. A study by the technological institute ITENE highlighted the impact of this initiative, revealing a 74% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 70% reduction in water consumption compared to conventional products over a year.

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