Montauk House


Along the dunes facing the Atlantic Ocean sits the subdued Montauk House, designed by the legendary John Pawson. Pawson has long been recognised for his superior minimal designs, and Montauk House is no exception. Completed in 2013, the structure sits low on the horizon following the topographic line of its sandy landscape. The façade of the home is designed to mimic the prominent dunes; the soft stucco nearly camouflages the house with its beach.

Outdoor dwelling spaces are featured heavily in this design. Long spans of decking provide superior views of the scenery from every direction. A series of vertical planes rise from the decks to frame enticing moments in the site's backdrop. The interior features oversized windows that frame the home's surroundings, allowing the landscape to become a sort of painting on view in the living areas. Wood floors, in the same colour as the decking, lessens the distinction between interior and exterior.

Montauk House exudes peacefulness at every turn. From the soft colours to the simple geometry, John Pawson's design leaves the dweller with a serenity to match the home's quiet beach.

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