Flat in Eixample

Barcelona, Spain
Jaime Prous Architects
Marc Seguí
José Hevia

The premise for this flat in Barcelona, designed by Jaime Prous Architects and in collaboration with Marc Seguí, was to move away from stereotypes and create an austere, contemporary, and cosmopolitan space.

The structure of corridors organises the space in strips of programme that cross diagonally towards the views to the block garden oriented to the west. It is designed so that the light crosses all the space, for that reason a single support is made of a stainless-steel pillar and a marble striated column, present next to the light at the moment of entering.

The project questions the traditional functioning of the Eixample housing model challenging local regulations. Therefore, new formulas are sought to colonise the space, and in this case; the gallery. It is occupied by the kitchen; a monolith in steel of futuristic aspect, and at the same time a control centre where all the technology of the house is concentrated. At sunset, a motorised fabric blind filters the sunlight, colouring the interior in a dramatic and striking orange. The nostalgic atmosphere places us in a future that has not yet arrived.

In the shop