Atelier Auras


The woman behind Atelier Auras, Anna Auras, is both an artist and an artisan. Her widespread interest of different art disciplines such as graphic design and photography leaves clear traces in her jewellery collections. The German goldsmith draws inspiration from sources in art history and traditional production techniques. And sometimes it is just a detail in everyday life or a personal moment that sparks a new creative process. In the manufacturing process, this conceptual approach meets high-quality material and an outstanding craftsmanship. Each piece is individually accomplished by Anna Auras in her own studio in Stuttgart.

For the Circles collection, Auras alludes to Suprematism—the art movement founded in 1915 by Russian avant-garde artist and art theorist Kazimir Malevich. It is focused on basic geometric forms and considered to have influenced Dutch De Stijl and German Bauhaus. The Circles collection subtly plays with geometry and consists of a necklace, stud earrings and small and large hoop earrings. The clear round forms and delicate character give each piece a rather fancy appearance, reflecting the interplay of understatement and extravagance that is to be found in all of Auras’ works.

Anna Auras is currently preparing a new collection, NEO, that sounds like a very promising combination of traditional and contemporary values:

NEO is about finding the right balance between the desire for adornment and a sustainable realisation of jewellery. The choice of material focuses on non-exhaustible resources: gold and silver are recycled and encounter with synthetic opals, a material that imitates nature’s oeuvre.
Her reflexive and thoughtful approach and her emphasis on traditional skills combined with an unerring sense for sophisticated design make Anna Auras for me a very engaging and modern jewellery artist.

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