A landmark project. A building that aims to supply with energy the nearby city by combining the power of wind and sun. And moreover an answer in terms of design to the conflict between renewable energy systems and great architecture. All the above and many more can be found in Eolica project. A wind tower and facilities building designed by Spanish architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

A landmark that modifies its proportions depending on the viewpoint and the effect of the sunlight, revealing an element in a constant evolution. An engraved tower devoted to the wind. The building combines renewable energy which feeds the city and its facilities with electricity without needing other resources. Taking advantage of the possibilities that it suggests, much as for its construction as for its shape.

Its stillness contrasts with the mobility of the shadows, its firmness emphasizes the strength of the wind to whics it frames.
More technical details and a full project presentation can be found on the project’s video.

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