Ring by Apollo Architects and Associates


Recently I have been writing about residences which use minimalist design to focus the user's attention inwards, rather than on the outer landscape. Today I will continue this trend by presenting yet another home which seeks to shield itself from its surrondings. Located in Tokyo, "Ring" is a simple home designed by Apollo Architects and Associates. The home gets its name from a large, cantilevered wall which circles the second story. The wall projects out from the top story; creating a covered entrance and hidden balcony. Inside, a simple floating staircase takes center stage. The staircase leads from the entrance on the ground floor to the living areas on the upper floor. The bedrooms rest privately on the ground floor.

"Ring" is just one of the many innovative residences designed by Apollo and Associates. The Japan-based architects seem to have a knack for combining conceptual design with functional homes. I love how this home derives its form from such a basic shape. "Ring" is surely a soothing and peaceful place to dwell.

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