FeC Steel Chopsticks

industrial design

Chopsticks are considered as quintessentially minimal when it comes to cutlery. Their remarkably simple and sleek form makes them a stand-out kitchen utensil, and this will never really change, and why should it? The simplicity of the chopstick design is timeless, and is only really differentiated through materials and decorative elements. They may be simple in form, but not always in function—I’m sure we’ve all had a little difficulty with using chopsticks, but it doesn’t take long to master either.

It is also a challenge to modernise and evolve the traditional chopstick design without compromising its core function. It would never require anything radical, but through carefully considered and subtle details, we can experience better design.

Enter Chinese industrial designers Chengtao Yi and Bryan Wong super sleek stainless steel FeC chopsticks. Chengtao Yi explains:

FeC is a pair of chopsticks that intersects tradition and modernity. It represents a lifestyle that we believe, a personal utensil that you want to keep with you everyday. We wanted to design an object that is familiar, yet desirable. We acknowledge the environmental impact of disposable products, and we hope that FeC is a small step towards product longevity and parallels with our vision of reducing disposable wood chopsticks towards individuality.
It’s a commendable approach to design by the duo, resulting in an elegant, durable, and undoubtedly beautiful set of chopsticks that I would love to get my hands on.

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