De Intuïtiefabriek’s Matchbox collection is the perfect table adornment—inspired by The Boyscouts' elements and their line of jewellery. There is also something in how we all seemingly have these odd objects, things, pieces of our lives that have a significant purpose and express who we are, but not necessarily a designated place; the Matchbox idea was born. Through a series of painted cherry wood, glass, leather and a grey tinted mirror, the series of boxes are a place that stores and displays one's jewellery. Through the sliding elements, the way in which the display occurs, and how much is revealed, can also be changed and altered by the user.

Comprised of primary geometric forms, the Matchboxes are a formation of a circle, an oval and a rectangle, all of which are conducive to The Boyscouts' collection and ethos. The Boyscouts is based in the Netherlands, as is De Intuïtiefabriek, hence the collaboration being an extension of design and opportunity. The boxes are available in a number of sizes, with and without the round-mirrored element, and available through Nomess and Analograum. The attention to quality, in composition and execution, is so evident in these pieces, in all the elements that comprise them. De Intuïtiefabriek is an all-female studio, whose name has come out of their way of working intuitively with each other, and their materials and approach to technique. The end result is a beautiful cohesion of considered minimal parts. This piece is quite the piece.

Photography courtesy of Floor Knaapen.

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