Fold Stools

Aspekt Office

Inspired by the structural shape of a beam, Fold is the new family of compact leg-less stools designed by Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary design studio, Aspekt Office. Four pieces, one single material: stainless steel. The aim was to create an unbreakable stool, robust, simple, monolithic.

Fold reflects the simple geometry of an architrave, featuring strong vertical lines and a rectangular seat and base. The backbone is a foil of folded stainless steel, welded to the base, to the seat, and to the thin cylindric footrest.

Fold’s sculptural, minimalist silhouette of clean lines and sharp edges are lightened by three different shimmering finishes: a glossy powder coated white, yellow, and grey. The Fold family is also available in three different heights: 45cm (without footrest), 65cm, and 75cm.

Aspekt Office specialises in furniture, product, interior design, and creative direction. Founded in November 2018 by Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen, the duo strongly believe in the power of conceptual thinking and original ideas. Their ambition is to forge new paths by balancing opposites.

Our designs revolve around experiments and function with a holistic approach. We want to make design solutions people can relate to.

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