Curvo Clock


A new wall clock with pastel tones and clean minimal lines designed by Beyond Object, a London-based design brand focusing on desktop objects and home accessories.

The idea behind Curvo clock is to move away from the flat time telling piece and create something that manifests its presence in the space and can play with it like architecture with the surrounding landscape.

Curvo clock is capable of blending in an interior space. It can curve along the corner, column, or shelf, either inward or outward as if it is melting. The unusual shape is designed to curve at any wall junction, making full use of interior edges or corners, creating a functional piece of decor.

This unusual clock can be fitted in more unusual spots like corners, columns, and shelves. The form then naturally follows the interior landscape and takes shape. The bent dial gives the impression of the clock adapting to the corner where it is installed, creating a striking appearance.

Designed with versatility in mind: 3-hour hand designs are included in the package. The elegant curve of the clock face, combined with free rotational fitting can create an ever-changing appearance, capturing the rhythm of time itself.

This is a functional object designed and crafted as a piece of art.

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