Forms of Formalism N.3

graphic design

Reaching its third instalment, Forms of Formalism carries the torch of the series into new directions whilst still upholding flawless minimalist accuracy. Sponsored by Bauhaus University of Weimar, editor-in-chief Louis De Belle, alongside designer Michael Romstöck, propose an exploration of paradigms around philosophy, art, literature and architecture — with the help of a hand-picked team of collaborators in tow.

The series staple is the spotlight on six contributors investigating and tackling the discussion around the notion of form and its -ism. The first half sees the visual aptitude of three photographers with a diverse assemblage; while the second half, three critics offer their view on intricate essays.

Louis De Belle explains: The notion of formalism is rather wide and can be read under different lights. Some may associate it with a merely aesthetic analysis or composition, whereas shape and structure prioritise the medium over context and content. Yet many would agree on seeing in it as a basic element of many practices.

Recognising the convolutions of the theme is one of the main motivations for this series to remain in constant movement, as formalism continues to surprise with new directions and facets. Just like minimalism, it can be alluring to simplify and streamline this aesthetic, but that would be extremely rash. This is a call for all enthusiasts and specialists to dig deeper on formalism with no holds barred.

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