Forum at Eckenberg Academy


Germany based Eckenberg Academy commissioned Ecker Architekten to build a mono-volume with a special focus on social gatherings and extra-curricular activities. The resulting project is a very special Forum housing numerous multi-function rooms, a library, a wide auditorium, a friendly student lounge and, of course, a cafeteria. For so many diverse practices in the daily life of a campus, something must bring visual coherence to it all, and surely enough, a strong minimalist influence is what it takes.

Sporting very obvious and explicit circles all over the forum, the visual repetition brings a surprising visual lightness to concrete; disguised as a double agent for light source and to guarantee proper ventilation throughout the building. Confirming its running motif, the architects chose to employ on selected walls an extension of the circle found at the main hall, and consequently charming round sculptures adorn several rooms to great effect.

Preventing any possibility of said building to be considered cold or uninviting, the architects smartly played their final hand employing basic colors on walls and furnishings. The selected furniture does a great job retaining a very modern and slick feel, while still engaging and welcoming any user.

A true case study on how to infuse personality to a 1,000 sqm white box project. A+.

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