Gaku & Sawaru

industrial design

Japanese studio Nendo designed Gaku & Sawaru; two interactive lamp series for Italian lighting company Flos. Gaku is a case between a lamp and an accessory; Sawaru consists of two independent cylinders that touch each other in a perpendicular direction.

Gaku is a frame used together with lamps and other objects, which gives a feeling almost as if it were something between an accessory and furniture. An adjustable-height pendant lamp hangs down inside of one frame, while a second design features non-contact charging functionality to power a matching spot or luminescent lamp. Usually, the lamp is simply left on the charging dock and then moved around freely when lighting is needed elsewhere. The directional lamp features a magnet that allows it to be placed at an angle, making it easy to adjust the direction of a spot to be illuminated.

Sawaru is a lamp consisting of two independent cylinders, one of which plays the role as a light source, while the other acts as a base and the projection angle can be altered into 3 stages: 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 60 degrees, by inserting the pin attached to the base. Furthermore, by removing the base, the light source can be position onto the floor to directly illuminate it.

Various functions of these two pure lamps are made possible by doing away with excess elements and creating a simple form. Awesome.

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