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There are plenty of reasons to care about maps. And in this case we are not talking about the practical route-finding features in apps and navigational systems. We are talking about simple lines on paper. Lines which creates places, pathways, spaces and—most of all—memories. We all have a place that is special to us. It might be our hometown, it might be our long-distant partner’s hometown or it might be the tiny hidden island we visited years ago. Some places are just magical.

Grafomap is all about these places. It is an online service which lets you customise an individual map of your magical place with only a few clicks. You can not only precisely choose the region you want to see on your map, you are also provided with a few, carefully crafted minimalist design templates. For your print, you can choose between two different sizes for a map that comes either rolled up or framed.

To me, there is a very specific reason why Grafomap is a perfect contemporary interior service: Do you know that feeling when you come back from an amazing holiday, look at all your photos and realise that none of these can actually recreate the atmosphere you so much enjoyed at specific places? So why hang these images or even print them? With a map from Grafomap, I can find my way around the places I came to love so much. And the true and beautiful images of those days, being out and about there, will simply pop up on my mind, while I trace my paths with my finger along the map.

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