Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
id inc.
Norihito Yamauchi

A minimalist interior design project by id inc. for CHOOZE COFFEE, their first flag-ship store located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. CHOOZE COFFEE uses decaf beans that are made from high-quality specialty coffee. It's a coffee brand that offers a new experience of choosing the amount of caffeine.

As a place to provide coffee that matches what they have to offer, id inc. created an optimal space. Since the store is located in an area where office workers gather, the interior designers, led by Seiji Oguri, considered the balance that would be the intersection of tension and relaxation. While it is a simple-vast space based on white and stainless steel, it incorporates the soft curves that synchronise to the brand logo and texture by plasterer.

In order to convey the advanced nature of the brand that researches caffeine extraction, id inc. minimised the elements of a typical coffee stand and created a lab-like impression, while it also displays baristas brewing coffee to the outside. By treating a small store like a large showcase, it contributes to improving recognition as a coffee stand.

By carefully selecting the interior elements, it accentuates the various colours of their products and mint-green brand logo. Their brand message is conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner by approaching both the interior and the graphics.

In the shop