graphic design

Based in Japan, art director and designer Yuta Takahashi is already one more of the Minimalissimo favourites in the fields of graphic and packaging design, and a new example to prove it is the new branding he created for Harvest, a company that links up creators and clients tightly to bring out the maximum value of brands and products. Yuta Takahashi explains:

We carried out the development of an identity that is fitting of this enterprise, which proposes state-of-the-art, polished designs. The graphic element that looks like a stretched out big letter “H” situated in each item makes the viewer think of the close link between creators and clients. And the polished symbolic logotype was created and positioned to give off the impression of the two sides coming together and closing up the space between them.
Especially noteworthy is the colour palette used, where white represents fresh, black represents matured, and charcoal grey represents the harvest—symbolising the company claim about realising clients’ desires, proposing solutions to improve brands and products in the global market.

As usual in Takahashi’s works, a great branding design has been realised with very few elements combined masterfully to get a unique and differentiating brand aesthetic.

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