HEIKE Concept Store


HEIKE Concept Store which belongs to Laohei Fashion Design Studio brand can be found in Hangzhou, China. It was designed by the AN interior design studio which changed the idea of a typical fashion design store and how it should look like. The combination of the colours, textures, and forms create a perfect balance between the aesthetics and design.

The Heike fashion concept store is located on the second floor and is 200m2, which as the designers describe is hidden in the shadows of the neighbourhood. AN Interior design studio has created a huge black wedge block for the store, which is also a collection of various functional spaces: inside of it the customer can find a fitting room, storage room, exhibition area, staircases, and handrails.

All of this result was achieved by choosing the right materials, which intensifies the industrial look. For the main object — the black wedge, the designers chose a special marble powder, which also covers fifty percent of the store area.

In my opinion, the subtle black and grey tones are perfectly combined between each other and are suitable for the fashion brand concept store. Minimal details and the choice of the textures represent a different approach which brings the mood of melancholy, with a slight of rough attitude, by knowing what it wants. At the same time, it appears as if the lines that create the shape of the object are moving, by creating a dynamic movement. And then something suddenly stops it by creating a mystery that gives so much to space. One of the most interesting choices for me personally was the difference of the shapes which is perfectly combined. The round, circle, triangle, square forms define the store as a modern and futuristic area.

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