High House


High House is a unique home designed by Delordinaire, an architecture studio based out of Paris and Montreal. This elegant home in Canada floats above the snowy hillside like something out of a storybook.

Most raised houses are seen in areas that are prone to flooding. While not in a flood plain, High House benefits from this design in multiple ways. Underneath the raised structure is space for an outdoor fireplace, a place to connect with nature while semi-protected from the elements. The home's height also provides uninterrupted views of the landscape: it rests above any trees that could impede the picturesque environment. Oversized windows ensure each room has access to these panoramic views. In the winter, the house camouflages into its snowy landscape thanks to white siding and a simple metal roof.

The interior of High House features a cozy and simple floor plan: living areas in the front, bedrooms in the back. The many windows provide ample natural light and connect each room to the outside.

High House is a joy to look at. The house looks too big to be floating on its thin stilts; a lovely design trick that keeps one questioning this quirky little home.

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