Tondo Collection

Derek Swalwell

Mirrors can be more than a reflective functional tool. They can offer a certain characteristic to a space. Although a mirror should always be an unobtrusive, understated piece of furniture, it can also compliment an interior space through well-considered framing.

Tondo, made by Melbourne-based design studio Biasol, is a modern arch mirror combining stylish and minimalist design aesthetics. Defined by its elegant shape, Tondo is available in four sizes with a curated selection of colours from warm and cool neutrals, to rich, bold shades and subdued hues. This variety lends the Tondo collection to multiple uses in residential, hospitality, and commercial environments. Planned to evolve and expand, Tondo is proposed as a method as well as a product that creates a timeless addition to Australian design.

Locally manufactured and showcased in Biasol’s Casa Atrio House and Wellard Architect’s Elsternwick House, the Tondo collection has been utilised as a welcomed addition to project collaborations with other design studios.

Established in 2012 by Jean-Pierre Biasol, the studio operates internationally as a multidisciplinary team of designers and architects. The studio takes a unique approach to their work, vertically integrating their skills and disciplines across interior design, building design, product design, and branding.

Design is our language of expression—detail, quality, and technical precision—the lexicon of our craft.

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