Hiroshi Sugimoto for Hermès


Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborated with Hermès to produce a gorgeous limited edition of 140 scarves printed with images from Sugimoto's Colors of Shadow, originally created using a Polaroid camera. The project is the culmination of years of research and work that is wonderfully recounted by Sugimoto on the Hèrmes website (I highly recommend you read the full story; it's fascinating).

Sugimoto writes:

Why must science always cut up the whole into little pieces when it identifies specific attributes? The world is filled with countless colours, so why did natural science insist on just seven? I seem to get a truer sense of the world from those disregarded intracolours. Does not art serve to retrieve what falls through the cracks, now that scientific knowledge no longer needs a God? I decided to use virtually obsolete Polaroid film to photograph the spans between colours.

Due to their limited quantity, and at prices like €7,000 for each scarf, they are probably best categorised as pieces of art, although they nonetheless blur the boundaries of categorisation as someone else is doing at the moment.

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