Womb Chair


The Womb Chair can clearly be defined as an iconic piece of minimalist furniture. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll in 1948, the chair clearly states the connection between clean, aesthetic design and functionality. The first fibreglass chair to be mass-produced in America, the Womb Chair's complex, organic form and excellent neutral colours are perfect to match any interior space and create a minimal and stylish feel in its surroundings.

This mid-century classic icon supports countless positions and offers a comforting oasis of calm—hence the name. And when it comes to the materials, it shows that attention was given not only to design a chair, but also to a piece of furniture featuring high-quality, long-lasting materials that helps maintain its clean and chic aesthetic over time. The frame finish is made from polished chrome and the upholstery can be chosen from four different types: Classic Boucle, Cato, Volo Leather and Sabrina Leather. The Womb Chair is also available in three sizes with the standard and medium sizes accompanied by an ottoman.

This chair is the epitome of mid-century design which can perfectly match clean aesthetic surroundings of today.

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