In a constant search for transcendental beauty, two Montevideo-based sisters conceived Homini, a contemporary jewellery design studio. Both being architects, they turned an eye toward new scenarios, scales and formats in a pursuit to free themselves from the formal and technical restrictions inherent to the architectural field. In 2014, after separate stints abroad in São Paulo and Beijing, the sisters were inspired by the highly urban scenarios to create the pieces that would later materialise their first collection.

True to their training, Homini's pieces are thought as miniature sculptures that live in close proximity to the human body, with no embellishment and no set stones. Through explorations of the basic geometric units of line, plane and volume, they look for a new idea of preciousness suited for a contemporary sensibility.

Handcrafted in a variety of materials like Sterling Silver, 18K Rose Gold, hypoallergenic Surgical Steel or sanded Plexiglas, each piece is imperfectly unique.

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