Dinamo Apartment

Architectural bureau PROJECT905

Light wood, white walls, and black accents. These are simple elements, yet they can work wonders in the right design. In Dinamo Apartment, these are the fundamentals of a great minimalist interior. Designed by Architectural bureau PROJECT905, a Moscow-based architecture studio, Dinamo Apartment showcases a form of minimalism that is at once both aspirational and accessible.

On first impression, you can notice the brightness within Dinamo Apartment. This is an impressive feat considering the window openings in the dwelling are limited. Contributing to this feeling of lightness is the abundance of white used on the interior. White covers the walls and ceilings, and the clean design eliminates trim and ornamentation. The result is the feeling of extra tall ceilings and long walls. White is further used in the many built-in storage units across the apartment, eliminating the need for excess furniture.

Light wood floors bring warmth to the space while keeping with the light and airy design. The same wood is repeating on many of the furnishings and surfaces in the residence. This technique brings continuity, allowing each room to flow seamlessly into the other. It also has the added effect of making the home feel incredibly spacious.

Any good designer knows that the colour black is necessary for depth. Black accents are used sparingly and thoughtfully in Dinamo Apartment. The dark accents start with the window trim and are used on chair covers, furniture legs, and art hanging on the walls. The small amount of black brings the design home in a way that no other colour can.

Dinamo Apartment is family-friendly without sacrificing style. The furniture is well-curated yet comfortable. Covered in dark colours and durable fabrics, the furniture welcomes everyday use. As the home is small, every possible space is utilized to the fullest. The bedroom functions for sleep and work with a desk tucked into the corner. Built-in storage drawers provide a convenient nesting place under the bed. Floor to ceiling shelving holds colourful books, a bit of art and function in one.

Simple but thoughtful elements are the foundations of the design of Dinamo Apartment. The residence proves that top-notch design does not need to be complicated. The ingredients of a great minimalist interior are often the most common materials.

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