House CR


One needs to consider the history of a residence that withstood several renovation processes throughout decades, especially one built in 1937. That is exactly what architect Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco did for House CR; an acronym for the town Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal. It’s an interesting project to behold, as it mixes its original structure with contemporary minimalist elements.

The outer shell is as classic as it can be, very much grounded in the symbiotic Arquitetura Chã—a term coined from Portugal’s aesthetics based on austere lines. It is not a modernist dwelling per se, but a visual proposal for dialogue between different eras. As white colour veils over the house, it brings forth absolute simplicity and restraint. The social area benefits from amplitude in all rooms, as interior design touches mix and match vintage details with current trends. A beautiful set of stairs, blessed with a natural wood ceiling, introduces the private area upstairs.

It is important to note the effort to remodel the back courtyard, a locale that served very different purposes, now set to a winter garden as a refuge from the hustle of the street.

The charismatic House CR endured several identity changes, a true statement about the timeless quality the much-celebrated Portuguese architecture can offer. Minimalism steps in as antidote to excessive alterations. It is time to unwind now.

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