Angle House


Located a few minutes walk from the city’s Ohori Park, a community park that also is a cultural region containing art museums, theatres, and restaurants, architect Hiroyuki Arima completed this striking all-white residence in Fukuoka, Japan, named Angle.

Starting in this context, the first floor can be used as a gallery space that can be opened to the public, and with the dwelling arranged around a central courtyard, the architect considered this as a quiet place of contemplation away from the hectic city streets. Filled with oak, maple, and ash trees, this open-air part of the plan forms an extension of the interior gallery.

Constructed in a U-shape, the residence is characterised by the different angles that transform and spread light throughout its three levels, beautifully combining the white walls and the wood flooring with the square and rectangular apertures.

While functional, both interior and exterior spaces of Angle contain fluctuations and variations in many places. Volumes expand, contract, and continue, and the project becomes unified through the use of material and texture.

Photography by Kenichi Suzuki.

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