House in Futakoshinchi


The House in Futakoshinchi is a narrow, unassuming home in Kanagawa, Japan. Designed by the Japanese studio Tato Architects, the charred cedar facade is positioned at the end of a long driveway. Narrow lots are common in Japan; architects must use innovative design to make the small spaces into comfortable and fully functioning homes. The House in Futakoshinchi is arranged to do just that. Three stories are connected by wooden stairs and illuminated by large windows. The dining, kitchen, and living areas are located on the second floor, with the bedrooms located on the lowest floor for privacy. A gorgeous glass-walled bathroom sits at the top of the house and opens to an airy roof deck.

I love the simple elegance of this home. The architects really made the most out of a tight situation. Breaking the home into three organized floors maximizes space and allows the residents a peaceful place to dwell. I also love the interior decoration: clean lines and light furniture reflect the personality of the home as a whole.

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