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With the eVscope eQuinox—a minimal and powerful digital telescope—you can enjoy the beauty of deep space, protect the planet against near-earth asteroids, conduct hands-on science, and so much more. All with one smart, fast, portable, connected device. No advanced training is required to begin your eQuinox outer space adventure. Novices and pros alike can grow their space discoveries and science skills, using one powerful, portable smart device.

Observe galaxies, nebula, constellations, and over 5,000 deep-sky objects in colour, in detail, and in under a minute! The eVscope eQuinox is an all-in-one smart telescope, with amplified vision, automatic field detection and photography capabilities, all controlled by an iOS/Android App.

Brought to life by Unistellar, the eVscope eQuinox is a connected telescope, unique in its genre: compact, and incredibly easy to use, it enables amateur astronomers and professionals alike to observe the wonders of the sky, in a 1 minute set-up.

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