House in Yamasaki


The charming House in Yamasaki was inspired by the greenhouses seen on many farms in the surrounding landscape. This home is located in a valley in Japan which experiences many cloudy days. The architect, Yo Shimado from Tato Architects, responded to this condition by designing the structure to absorb as much natural light as possible. The ground floor of the home is partially buried underground, in order to thermally heat the structure. This floor contains the bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining areas. On top of this floor perch three white huts. Composed of a double layer of translucent poly-carbonate sheets, these huts contain some living spaces and also allow for light to filter to the floor below. The upper floor also contains large windows for circulation, ensuring the home never gets too hot.

I love this home! The House in Yamasaki perfectly combines style and functionality. One of my favorites elements of the structure is the translucent walls. The material is stunning, and the light it creates on the interior is equally gorgeous. Every element of this home works together to create a wonderful dwelling place that is as practical as it is beautiful.

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