Orbit Lighting

industrial design

Lukas Peet created his own design studio in 2009, in Canada, after spending time studying in the Netherlands. Collaborating with two other partners—Caine Heintzman and Matt Davis, the collective founded ANDlight in 2013, specialising in lighting design to push the standards of this specific field.

Manifesting the solar system through a physical appearance, the Orbit Lighting series is a collection of minimal products that experiments with metal, marble and glass. In 2015, the initial design was born with two ecliptic metal loops crossing each other, holding up by a translucent globe. To secure the bulb in place, an additional circular metal reinforcement is added. What’s amazing about this system of intersecting is the joins’ invisibility; when inspecting the details of Orbit, there is a cleanliness in the way that Lukas treated his executions. Hung up in midair, the Orbit pendant’s visual goes beyond a-sun-and-its-orbital-matters to give an appearance of a comet in movement, adding an agility to the static design.

In 2016, the series is complemented with a table light version. With a simple addition of a cylindrical marble base, Orbit transformed itself into a downward meteor and functionally turned its loops into handles and even hangers for small objects. The transformative aspect of Orbit Lighting is what designers always mean to achieve. This variation is the answer to the never-ending question: Can aesthetic and function go together?

While minimal in its elements, Orbit Lighting is a fun design through my eyes. Like Lukas Peet, designers can still create simplicity through the play of forms rather than forcing themselves to be sterile and reductive for the sake of effortlessness.

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