House on the Olive Trees


Located in the port city of Valencia, on Spain’s south-eastern coast, lies the deceptively literal House on the Olive Trees. The residence was designed by the team at Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos, bringing forth a strong modernist identity through a relay of textures and sharp angles. In addition, of course, the imperative presence of unbothered middle-aged olive trees.

The minimalist house is introduced by an interesting but cohesive mixture of materials, as a stone-clad wall guides the visitor to the wooden entrance door—the only element to explicitly seek warmth. As the residence thrives on the white cube aesthetic, the interior designs is kept as inconspicuous and simple as possible. The main visual draw comes from the beautiful floor to ceiling glass windows in all rooms, as natural light reigns over this dwelling.

Thanks to the transparent side panel that opens to a garden under the skylight, the corridor gets special quality in space and lighting. The master bedroom is the piece that relishes in a unique orientation, southwest, guaranteeing its indispensable privacy. The interior space can be extended beyond the carpentry thanks to an eave focusing the views towards a more private garden, with the dominant presence of an old olive tree.

The most dramatic element is left in the hands of the walking pool, a visual element that demands attention offering an interesting illusion, much like an oasis. It's a striking and much necessary element to offset the serious tone of the residence, imbuing lightness and leisure at once.

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