Cuckoo Collection

industrial design

Clocks keep time and create and enrich the space we are in. Renowned design studio Nendo has created a collection of cuckoo clocks for Japanese clock brand Lemnos. The project consists of three different models with changes made to the traditional, steeple-topped cuckoo clock design.

All three of them represent different concepts which not only demonstrate the creative side to the design but also the functional side of it.

The first one is called a Bookend that can be used, as the name suggests, a bookend by splitting the dial’s face into two parts. This merge comes naturally as the clock and books co-exist on the shelf harmoniously together.

The second one Tilt comes with the unusual angles of both the cuckoo bird and the dial design that imply the form which should be placed upside-down. Placing the heavier internal components asymmetrically on one side of the base enables the clock to naturally maintain its balance.

And the third clock goes by the name of Dent and looks as if the traditional clock has been carved out of the block of wood.

Aside from the playfulness of these designs, I adore the use of the materials along with the contemporary and multifunctional approach to the collection.

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