Hudson Valley Glass House

Hudson Valley, New York, US
Robert Fitzpatrick
Magdalena Keck
Jeff Cate

New York interior designer Magdalena Keck has taken a contextual approach to design a mid-century residence nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley woodland. Designed by Robert Fitzpatrick and built in 1967, the house was recently acquired as a family retreat, its owners especially drawn to the rigour and organisation of its plan and cell-like glass facades.

Keck was tasked with outfitting the interiors while considering how the spaces would be experienced through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. The visual connections between out and in became paramount, and close attention was paid to the silhouettes of furniture and objects viewed from the grounds—balancing positive and negative space through distinctive shapes—while ensuring harmony with the nature enjoyed from within.

A guiding force was the owners' interest in modern and contemporary design and art with a sense of history and a personal connection. The objective was to have a liveable, relaxed space that would balance practical and poetic qualities. The space is furnished with an emphasis on forms and textures—playing against the geometry of the house. Soft, curvaceous grey boucle sofas by Christophe Delcourt contrast with a hard, dark, octagonal table in hammer-finished cast resin and a smooth rug, while transparency is introduced through caned elements.

Downstairs, glass doors open to the pool terrace, furnished with pure white modernist classics sit against the dark ivy-covered walls. Primary and guest bedrooms are minimal in nature, employing select artful details that complement the architecture and its surroundings. In the daughter's room, a long bed platform stretches the full width of the glass elevation. A custom white oak unit features pull-out storage for art supplies and, surprisingly, a chair.

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