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If we were to simplify the main concept to a single sentence, Kintsugi is the Japanese art to embrace damage. Adapting a method to repair broken pottery using powdered material to highlight, but also to strengthen, what was once a vulnerable section. Artist Teresa Carnuccio puts herself in an unusual spotlight, embracing white colour as an absolute condition to dive into.

The narrative the artist offers on her Kintsugi series is as minimalist as can be, showcasing self-portraits with vulnerability in tow and few, but very powerful, colourful accents throughout. In addition to the live interventions to herself as she takes the pictures, the artist applies in the final print version careful gold foil, mimicking the technique.

Carnuccio explains beautifully: It is about celebrating the battles the soul has come through, accepting and honouring the scars that testify how it has been shattered and has come together as a more complete and precious entity.

The repairing process is not only put into evidence, but ultimately celebrated. It is very akin to the philosophy of mushin, meaning non-attachment; a true lesson in minimalism as well.

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